Dynamic menu

2014-09-26 13:03

Keywords: menu, search, ajax

The ability of etc_search to output search results to any area, makes the creation of dynamic menus rather easy. Let us see how to construct an archive search like this one:

We define two search queries on the admin-side of etc_search: the first one (with id="1") is

SELECT DISTINCT DATE_FORMAT(Posted, '%m') month, MONTHNAME(Posted) monthname FROM textpattern WHERE {/^\d{4}$/::Posted LIKE '$0%'} AND Status=4 ORDER BY Posted

Its output form will be

<option value="<txp:search_term />-{month}">{monthname}</option>

The second search query (id="2") is

{?month::Posted::/^\d{4}\-\d{2}$/::{*} LIKE '$0%'} ORDER BY Posted

Now we create our live archive, plugging the output of the first query into the second one (with target attribute). We use etc_query (or rah_repeat, or whatever) to generate year radio inputs, from 2012 to this year:

<txp:etc_search id="1" break="" target="#monthselect" live="-600" minlength="4" label="Year">
	<txp:etc_query data="[2012..{?||strftime(%Y)}]">
		<input type="radio" id="year-{?}" name="q" value="{?}" />
		<label for="year-{?}">{?}</label>

<txp:etc_search id="2" label="Month">
	<select name="month">
		<option value="">Select</option>
		<optgroup id="monthselect"></optgroup>

Believe it or not, that’s all! And with the latest version, you can easily replace select inputs by checkboxes and enable muti-choice, if needed: